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I definitely feel that I have a good deal of time now. I have started doing things which I used to do yore: surfing the Internet, reading blogs and even writing one. I have got back to learning languages and I found that my English deteriorated. Sometimes I feel it is a never-ending job especially when it comes to my English. I would like to reach the C1 level in the near future. It would be also nice to have a language certifacate for instance Certificate in Advanced English. Nevertheless, I don't think I can afford it. My weaknesses are speaking and writing.

During this vacations I intend to do: exercises from 'Destination C1 and C2' as much as possible (it is quite a weighty book), read a magazine 'Business English' from cover to cover, read 'The Alchemist' in English as well as listen to audiobooks.

Except that I am learning French and German. I will strive to read a book entitled 'En route pour la France' and maybe do some exercises from books date back to my secondary school. Unhappily, I highly doubt I will do something about German pending this summer. Learning three languages is really cumbersome for me.



idealna. ;C
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